ENGLISH – 1. EDITION – booklet „The Power of Nature“


The usage of essential oils has increased dramtically in recent years. Scientists and medical professionals have researched and confirmed the tremendous health benefits of pure essential oils. => NEW: all new oils (2019), Kids Collection (2019), …


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NEW!   –   first edition in ENGLISH (the 6th edition in german)

booklet „The Power of Nature“

This small „booklet“ is a summary of active user reports and it shows which essential oils people generally use to help support themselvs with over 250 issues. The oil applications are well described, illustrations habe been added which show the reflex points and in a separate part the usuage of single oils and oil blends are outlined. We added a short explanation of the supplements because these supplements contain essential oils.

AND – we work closely with „fragrance and its effect on mood and emotions“ – which is why this aspect of each single oil is described seperately – it includes a description of the emotional oils and the yoga oils. The kids collection is a brand new edition to this booklet – more information will follow once this edition is abailable.

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